Who are we?
The band was founded in 1999 at the students' parties. We arose from virtually nothing and we stuck there. In the beginning there were some parties in the college dormitories. We got there unexpectedly with our instruments. And that's it. Since then we play it that way.
>> If you want to contact us, send us an email to litrasi@gmail.com or dial us on +386-40-348-421.

Why are we different?

Our advantage
We don't need the electricity to play. Such a way we can get rid of all 'D&D audio engineers' (dumb'n'deaf) that always pretend to be smarter than the band. Even if the thunder strikes nothing can stop us. We play further. Indeed, this really happened the 7/2/06 in St. Peter in Istra. In the evening the electricity fell out. The band 'Modri Val' had to stop performing and we intervened. It was a kind of romantic, like in the old good times. And we are mobile. Our band is able to walk around 20km on the same performance because we don't need to drag the wires behind us.

Our peculiarity
Our peculiarity is that only drunk jerks get stuck to us. Of course some members would prefer us to be more attractive to women but we can't manage it. Whe should change something in this direction. Maybe we should listen more to Gaystreet Boys and simmilar.

Our history
The brass band Dej še'n litro was founded in 1999 in the students dormitories in Ljubljana - the Slovenian capital. At the students' parties the need for live music arose. So we play there often, sometimes even unexpectedly. Step by step we extended the group with new members and the repertory. Nowadays the band is composed of 12 musicians playing various genres from Slovenian folk music and Balkan ethno to pop and jazz. All over this time we devoted ourselves to our primary mission - playing for fun. Because of its unconventionality, our performance usually attracts a lot of people. Sometimes we play on microphones although it is not necessary - the real party starts when we get on the tables. Our intention is to keep the tradition of folk musicians that have a rich heritage and they are an important element of cultural identity in these parts of Slovenia.
We played all over the world in all possible places - even those that are not supposed to exist. Many interesting things happened to us. We played with a lot of musicians and groups. We've also been on many festivals in Italy, Serbia, Greece, Germany and of course Slovenia.

The gallery
You should check out our gallery too. Unfortunately, the comments are in Slovene language only.

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